How To Get Jazz Loan in 2023? Latest Jazz Loan Code

Learn how to get jazz loan or how to get a jazz advance balance in two easy ways in this article!

You may get caught in any sudden situation in which you must call your guardian angel. And imagine your running out of mobile balance in this situation. It will surely add to the misery of the situation. 


You do not need to worry if you are a jazz user because Jazz brings an amazing offer to give instant jazz loans. Seeing the possibility of anytime, anywhere, anyone can lose their balance, the jazz network has launched this advanced loan service. So you can stay contacted with everyone in all situations.

You must be wondering how to avail of this service. So, the good news is that this jazz loan service involves simple steps. Learn how to get jazz loan in this article.

How to Get Jazz Loan Through Jazz Loan Code? Complete Guide 2023

The Jazz Mobilink network has initiated this service to address the problem of facing zero balance in some difficult situations where people cannot recharge and make a call. To address this situation, the Jazz network provides the offer to get immediate Jazz loans and stay in contact with your loved ones at all times. 

how to get jazz loan?

Follow these easy peasy steps to get jazz advance balance instantly.

You can activate any JAZZ CALL, SMS, or, INTERNET Package through the jazz loan.

Steps to Follow For Getting a Jazz Loan

Below is the complete steps details.

  • You can get a jazz advance balance by dialling the jazz loan code. Please note that *112# is the jazz loan code for 2023.
  • First, you need to open a dial pad on your mobile.
  • Dial jazz advance code [*112#] and press dial. 
  • Once you dial, a pop-up window will appear, showing the output of your request. If it says your request is accepted, your number will be accredited with the amount of jazz advance balance. Likewise, if it says your request or code is invalid, you must re-dial it carefully. 
  • In a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation message on your jazz number of getting jazz advance balance, and you are good to call anyone.

How To Get Jazz Loan By Dialing Call to Anyone?

Another way to get jazz advance balance is to simply dial a call to anyone. An operator will instruct you that ‘you cannot make this call due to low balance, if you want to make a call, please press 1. 

So, open dial pad without ending the call and press 1. In a few seconds, your loan will be shared and you will receive a message as confirmation.

Terms & Conditions May Apply on Getting Advance Balance From Jazz Mobilink.

Why Jazz Loan?

  • You can get a jazz loan even if your balance is ZERO. 
  • You can also get a Jazz loan balance even if you do not have any free SMS, minutes, or MBs. 
  • Also, the steps are easy, and the procedure is not so technical, which means even a layperson can understand.
  • The balance you gained through can be used for any purpose, such as making a quick call to any network, sending an SMS to any network, or browsing the internet.

Terms And Conditions

Specific terms and conditions are applied to this service, such as,

  • You do not need any balance to avail of this service, meaning you can avail of this offer with ZERO balance. 
  • You can avail of this offer with zero balance, but it does not mean you will not be charged for this service. 
  • This service will cost you Rs 3.50 (including tax) when you recharge and return the amount of the Jazz loan. 
  • Whenever you recharge your number after getting this advance loan service, the network automatically deducts the Jazz loan amount and its applied service charges. 
  • You can only avail this offer if your balance is below Rs. 5. 
  • You can only avail of this offer once. For the second time, you first need to return the previously taken amount. 
  • Jazz provides Rs 15 as a jazz loan. 
  • The offer is only available for prepaid jazz customers. 
  • Following its subscription, the jazz loan service will only be accessible for the next four hours.
  • You can cancel your subscription by dialling the Jazz loan unsubscribe code, *112*4#.

FAQs for How To Get Jazz Loan

The Jazz Network once used to offer a Rs. 30 advance balance. Jazz prepaid customers can use the Jazz loan code to activate this offer anytime, from any location. Notably, *113# was the subscription code for jazz loans for Rs 30. But currently, this jazz loan code for Rs 30 has stopped working.

Getting a Loan via Mobilink Jazz Advance Balance code:

  • Getting a Loan via Mobilink Jazz Advance Balance code:
  • Jazz loan code: Dial *112#
  • For Jazz loan unsubscribe code: Dial *112*4#
  • Charges: Rs. 3.50

You must return the previous jazz loan amount to get a jazz loan offer. Please note that to return this amount, you simply need to recharge your balance, and the Jazz company will automatically deduct that amount, including service charges.

Wrap Up | How To Get Jazz Loan?

To conclude, the jazz loan service is helpful and works as a reducing angle in times of need. For instance, if we are stuck in any situation or in any emergency, we may run short of balance, but this service has fully covered jazz users. Also, subscribing to a jazz loan offer is simple and easy. 

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