How to Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa? 2 Ways

Do you want to know, how to buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa? This guide is for you. 

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has been gaining hype in recent years. Moreover, it is a cryptocurrency that does not require physical reference. You can make easy and safe transactions with Bitcoins. Easypaisa, Pakistan’s online banking system allows you to get and trade Bitcoins. 

If you are wondering how to buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa, we have a solution for you. This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to buy Bitcoin in Pakistan using the Easypaisa app. Explore the complete article to learn the Bitcoin currency and how it works with the Easypaisa app.

how to buy bitcoin with easypaisa

You can also buy Bitcoin with Jazzcash. So, if you have not created an Easypaisa account yet, you can now create it online by downloading the Easypaisa app. Create your account on Easypaisa for free and get the benefits of it.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa? 2 Ways

This guide consists of a few easy methods to buy Bitcoins using the Easypaisa app in Pakistan. There are two best methods to get a Bitcoin by using Easypaisa. These two ways to buy Bitcoin are by paxful and localbitcoins. We have discussed the methods in detail.

Method 1; How to Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa through localbitcoins.

The easiest method to buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa online is through the localbitcoins. Localbitcoins is a platform where online sellers trade Bitcoins. Moreover, you can exchange your currency with the virtual currency Bitcoin in a smooth way.

  • Go on an office localbitcoins website.
  • Make a free account on the website.
  • Here you will find different traders who are selling Bitcoins.
  • Hook up on the traders with positive feedback.
  • Select the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy.
  • You have to transfer money to their bank accounts.
  • The trader will give you Bitcoins after receiving their payment.

Method 2; How to Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa through Paxful?

The method to get Bitcoin Online is by trading local currency through the Paxful website. Furthermore, it provides you with a platform to buy and sell Bitcoins.

You can get Bitcoin with Easypaisa by following the steps which are described below;

  • Open a paxful office website.
  • Create a free account on the website.
  • After the account creation, you have to verify via email.
  • Search ‘buy bitcoin for Easypaisa’.
  • In this way, you can get Bitcoin easily with your Easypaisa account.

How to Exchange Pakistani currency in your Easypaisa account with Bitcoins

if you are wondering how you can exchange Pakistani currency in Easypaisa account, follow these easy steps;

  • Open the Bestchange.com from your mobile browser.
  • Create an account by giving the required details.
  • Click on the exchange money options
  • Exchange your PKR to Bitcoins in a single click.
  • If you are unable to exchange your currency into Bitcoin contact the help center or any other reliable source.

Final Take on How to Buy Bitcoin with Easypaisa Online?

This article has provided a detailed guide on how to get Bitcoin with Easypaisa online. Bitcoin is a well-known virtual cryptocurrency that is traded all over the world. You can get Bitcoin with Easypaisa through a few websites such as local Bitcoins and Paxful—Transact Pakistani currency in their accounts to get Bitcoin.

if you have still any confusion, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, if you have a JazzCash account, you can also buy bitcoin through JazzCash.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan FAQs

Get Bitcoins with Easypaisa through the local websites online. Trust the website with positive feedback.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoins online is by using BitPay Card.

Instead of a physical currency, Bitcoin uses virtual currency. You can easily regulate transactions with Bitcoin and buy items.

The easy methods to get free Bitcoins are; 

  • Crypto Faucets
  • Crypto Airdrops
  • Crypto Bounties
  • Play BTC games
  • Online BTC Cloud Mining
  • Look for Bitcoin Faucets

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