75+ Best Ufone SMS Packages | Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Ufone gets a proper status in Pakistan’s telecom industry. Due to its reasonably priced Ufone call bundles, Ufone SMS packages, and dependable internet bundles, it gained huge popularity among the general population. In addition to other bundles, Ufone claims that it offers you the lowest call prices. For customers who enjoy using their cell phones to text their loved ones, It offers a variety of Ufone SMS packages. The SMS packages of Ufone are only available to Ufone prepaid customers who enjoy text messaging.

Please note that Pakistani cellular service provider Ufone started operations in Islamabad on January 29, 2001, as the third mobile operating company in Pakistan. In 2006, Ufone joined Emirates Telecommunications Corporation. It has approximately more than 23 million subscribers and has reached approximately 10,000 locations. It was all possible due to their amazing services that have always won the trust of their customers.

In order to achieve its goal of making its services available to every citizen of the country, Ufone is credited with providing a number of reasonably priced services. Customers don’t have to worry about paying for each message they send when they choose a suitable SMS bundle and enjoy messaging their friends and family. Various hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, and 45-day SMS packages are available from Ufone. You can also find packages through ‘My Ufone App‘.

Daily Ufone SMS Packages 2023 | Updated List

Ufone SMS packages are for people who like to stay in touch with friends and family in a cost-effective way.

Ufone promises the lowest prices ever. The Daily Ufone SMS package includes an SMS offer, which gives 1500 SMS with a 24-hour validity period, is one of the most popular SMS bundles. Customers can subscribe to this offer by sending the word SUB in a message to the number 605 for the cost of Rs 3.99 + tax. For other packages, you check the bundles given in the table and click on how to subscribe to get complete information about all Ufone SMS packages.

Ufone SMS Packages Daily
Ufone SMS Packages Daily

Here is a detail of all Ufone SMS packages daily or for 24 hours.

1600 SMS

Price Rs. 4.77

100 SMS

Price Rs. 5.96

10000 SMS

500 MBs

Price Rs. 6

Price Rs.30

If you click on how to subscribe?, you can find out all info about special packages like ufone card offers. Complete information on the Ufone SMS packages, On-Net minutes, Off-Net minutes, MBs, and other features will be provided.

Ufone Weekly SMS Packages 2023 | Updated List

As Ufone promised about cheapest packages as compared to others, Ufone Also provides different Ufone SMS packages for 7 days. One of the most popular packages among Weekly Ufone SMS Packages, which offers 1200 messages on any network with a 7-day validity period. To subscribe, send SUB to 608 and pay Rs 10 + tax.

Customers who purchase the Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer will receive 100 SMS on any network, 100 on-net minutes, and 1000 MBs with a 7-day validity period for Rs 80 plus tax. In summary, Ufone is the finest network for you if you’re looking for weekly SMS packages because it gives you a variety of choices, allowing you to pick the ideal one based on your needs.

Ufone SMS Packages Weekly

Let’s quickly break through the amazing Ufone weekly SMS packages.

Price Rs. 0

1250 SMS

Price Rs. 11.95

Price Rs. 120

100 On-net minutes

0 off-net

100 SMS

1 GB

Price Rs. 140

Price Rs. 250

5000 On-net minutes

no off-minutes

5000 SMS

40 GB

Price Rs. 320

5000 On-net minutes

200 off-minutes

5000 SMS

40 GB

Price Rs. 350

If you click on how to subscribe?, you can find out all about special packages like ufone card offers. Complete information on the package’s SMS, On-Net minutes, Off-Net minutes, MBs, and other features will be provided.

Ufone Monthly SMS Packages 2023 | Updated List

You can also enjoy Ufone SMS packages for a long term by subscribing to various ufone Monthly SMS Packages. The details of the monthly SMS packages are listed below. You can subscribe to the Ufone Monthly Unlimited Package for Rs 80 + tax and receive 20,000 SMS with a 30-day validity period. To do so, send the word SUB to 607.

Moreover, customers who purchase the Ufone Monthly Uth FnF Package receive an unlimited number of SMS messages that are valid for 30 days and cost Rs 5 + tax per message. To take advantage of this offer, send SUB to 604 in a message. After a month, it automatically expires.

Ufone SMS Packages monthly
Ufone SMS Packages 30 Days

Here is the complete list of Monthly Ufone SMS packages for 2023.

6000 On-net minutes

0 Off-net minutes

6000 SMS

6 GBs

Price Rs. 0

Price Rs. 0

2100 SMS

Price Rs. 95.6

2000 On-net minutes

225 Off-net minutes

4200 SMS

3 GB

Price Rs. 720

Unlimited Off-net minutes

350 Off-net minutes

4500 SMS

14 GBs

Price Rs. 749

Unlimited On-net minutes

600 Off-net minutes

Unlimited SMS

24 GB

Price Rs. 1099

8000 On-net minutes

10000 Off-net minutes

6000 SMS

30 GBs

Price Rs. 1999

If you click on how to subscribe?, you can find out all about special packages like ufone card offers. Complete information on the package’s SMS, On-Net minutes, Off-Net minutes, MBs, and other features will be provided.

Ufone Other SMS Packages 2023 | Updated List

Here are a few additional SMS package services that Ufone provides to its users, such as the fortnightly SMS packages, which give customers access to 10,000 SMS with a 14-day validity period. users can subscribe to these packages by sending the SUB message to 603 with a payment of Rs 30 plus tax.

Sending the SUB message to 614 for Rs 99+tax will register you for the Ufone 45 Days SMS Package, which offers 30,000 SMS with a 45-day validity period. Send the word SUB to 601 along with Rs 666 + tax to sign up for the Ufone Yearly SMS Package, which offers unlimited SMS with a 1-year validity.

Price Rs. 0

60 On-net minutes

0 Off-net minutes

60 SMS

60 MBs

Price Rs. 8.2

5000 SMS

Price Rs. 9.9

10500 SMS

14 GBs

Price Rs. 39.99

10500 SMS

Price Rs. 39.99

Price Rs. 60

Price Rs. 100

300 On-net minutes

20 Off-net minutes

700 SMS

100 MBs

Price Rs. 70

31000 SMS

Price Rs. 118.31

1000 On-net minutes

100 Off-Net Minute

3500 SMS

3000 MBs

Price Rs. 349

Zero On-net minutes

0 Off-net minutes

Unlimited SMS

Price Rs. 795.87

In Summing Up All | Ufone Call Packages Packagology

For its customers, Ufone provides some unmatched SMS deals. Since it is extremely uncomfortable to use your cell balance to send a large number of messages, practically everyone uses these packages in accordance with their demands. These deals’ expiration dates range from one day to one week or one month. The Ufone Night SMS Package has a cheap starting price of 1 rupee and offers 300 SMS from 12 am to 8 am.

Some packages are only available through card and recharge bundles. The deals are between 5 and 599 rupees. The packages have one day, one week, or one month of validity. On-Net Minutes, Off-Net Minutes, SMS, and Internet Data are the Network Features for which Ufone provides packages. Most of the call bundles also contain other items.

Also, the Ufone ‘Asli Chappar Phar’ deal for the week gives 1 GB of internet data, 100 Free SMS, and 100 Free On-Net Minutes for 80 rupees. Only the Ufone Super Recharge Package, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Super Card Plus, which are priced at around 45, 299, 520, and 599, respectively, allow consumers to access all functions offered.

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Ufone Pakistan offers the “Monthly Pakistan Package,” which includes 4000 MB of mobile internet and 4000 On-Net minutes for subscription dialing *8888#, for just Rs 418 include tax every month. The package’s duration is for one month

Ufone calling packages, Calls from Ufone to Ufone and to PTCL are just 30 rupees for 3 days. By dialing *5353#, you may sign up for this promotion. This bundle is good for three days. The cheapest rates are available for calls from Ufone to Ufone and Ufone to PTCL.


◾ Send SUB to 902, then enter *111#.
◾ To confirm your subscription, dial 11 then a Ufone number and press 1.
◾ Call 901 and press 1 to sign up for Collect Call.
◾ Send the word Unsub to 902 to stop receiving the service.
Call FnF Feature Collection


For only Rs. 170 (load), Ufone Super Minutes offers you 170 minutes across all networks, allowing you to make calls with no hassle for the next seven days.

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