How to Check Telenor Number Ownership? 4 Ways

If you have forgotten your own Telenor sim number and want to know How to check Telenor number on my CNIC? We have got you sorted.

It’s humanly possible to forget even your mobile phone number. The numbers, passwords, and codes are hard to remember and can easily be lost. Furthermore, it is important to know your number, so that you can find out your lost Mobile phone by calling the number. Hence, you must remember your number.

Moreover, if you are a Telenor sim owner and are unable to recall your number, we have a solution for you. Read below to learn different ways which describe how to check Telenor Number on my phone.

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how to check telenor number
How to check telenor number owner name?

How to Check Telenor Number without balance?

Here we have discussed a few easy methods to check your Telenor SIM card number at home. Read below to explore the 4 simple methods to check your Telenor sim number.

Method 1; How to Check Telenor Number by SMS

To check your Telenor Number without CNIC via SMS, follow the instructions below;

  • Open the ‘messages’ app on your Android or iOS.
  • Send an empty message to the 7421.
  • It may take a while for the service to respond.
  • Wait patiently until you receive a text message from 7421.
  • The received message will have your Telenor number in it.

Method 2; How to Check Telenor Number by Call

Do you want to know, How to check Telenor number in Pakistan via call? You are at the right place.

To learn how to check Telenor  number, have a look at the steps below;

  • In case you have no sim balance, you can check Telenor number via call.
  • Enter 7421 on your mobile phone call app. 
  • Make a call to the code 7421.
  • Your call will send a notification to the receiver. 
  • They will send an auto-response message back. 
  • The message will contain your Telenor Number.

Method 3; How to Check Telenor Number with App.

You can easily check your Telenor number through the Telenor mobile app by following a few steps.

  • Install the Telenor app from the Google Play Store.
  • Enter the required information to start the Application.
  • Enter your CNIC number. 
  • You can contact a customer service agent or send them a message to know your Telenor sim number.
  • In this way, you can check Telenor number without balance.

Method 4; Check Telenor Number by calling a friend

This is one the simplest and easiest methods to check your Telenor Number. 

  • Call your friend with your Telenor sim number.
  • Ask him/her to save your number.
  • Ask him/her to send your number via SMS.
  • Save your number on your mobile phone.

Final Take on How to Check Telenor Number owner name?

Have you lost your sim Telenor number? and want to know, how to check Telenor number code. No need to worry, we have provided you with easy methods to learn Telenor number check code free at home. In this guide-based article, you will find many ways to check your Telenor sim number check code within a few minutes. 

How to Check Telenor Number FAQs

Visit the official Telenor website online to check your number.

You can check your Telenor number by dialing an easy code from your simple mobile phone.

To check the Telenor number with CNIC, contact Telenor customer service through the Telenor app. Enter CNIC to log in to the app.

Visit the nearby Telenor franchise and check your Telenor number ownership via CNIC. Telenor service agent will tell you the name of the sim owner.

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